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  • “Preparing for interviews within the workplace and for new job opportunities with other companies can be a stressful experience. The My Practice Interview eBook gives you a competitive edge and will help you stand out amongst other competitors. My time spent reviewing the material in this book was well spent, allowing me to streamline my efforts in preparing for interviews.”
    Isolde M
  • “I have used the My Practice Interview eBook to prepare for 4 interviews over the past two years. It helps to take the “unexpected” out of the process as I am better able to prepare for the type of questions I will face allowing me to be more confident and relaxed during an interview. Thank you for this valuable resource.”
  • “I found our discussions incredibly valuable, especially along two key lines. 1) It’s good to have someone who doesn't have a vested interest to ask the hard questions to better align our perception of ourselves with reality in terms of our strengths and weaknesses. 2) I personally found valuable that as a senior executive, I was being evaluated as much for my articulation of a vision for the organization as anything else. The questioning and guidance helped me better formulate my thinking and more effectively articulate that vision during the actual interview. I highly recommend the Interview Coaching.”
    Doug M
  • “I read My Practice Interview before an interview for my first “real” full-time job upon graduating from university. The book was very helpful for my preparation and some of the sample questions were exactly what I was asked, so I was ready and had a very good interview. Best of all - I got the job!”
    Heather L
  • “Being an HR professional and experienced Recruiter myself, I am very familiar with the job interview process – and yet, this coaching provided enormous value for my own interview. My coaching session was clear and concise– helped calm my nerves before the zero hour. By practicing answering interview questions together with a coach, made me realize where I should focus with my preparation. Clark was respectful and supportive and helped me find the confidence I wanted to reflect in my interview. Whether you are experienced with interviews or heading for your first one – I wholeheartedly recommend Interview Coaching by Clark Glassford / My Practice Interview.”
    Maria S

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